The Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association, founded in 1921 (incorporated in 1922), advocates for the interests of municipal governments from an administrative perspective. The Association provides a forum for the sharing of information amongst rural administrators from across the province.

The Association sponsors regular meetings with Deputy Ministers and senior bureaucrats from various government departments to discuss issues of concern; offers input on Provincial programs and services affecting municipal governments; and receives updates on upcoming and ongoing Provincial initiatives. ARMAA also hosts an annual conference featuring educational and information sessions, member networking, and a golf tournament, which is held the day prior to the conference.

ARMAA also cooperates extensively with the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) to advance the interests of rural municipalities. Sharing resources and participating in each others conventions and meeting are just some of the ways the associations have been able to support one another.

If you are in a rural senior administrative position and wish to know more about joining ARMAA, please contact us at [email protected]

Association objectives:

  • Work in conjunction with any other organization having as its object the betterment of all branches of Municipal Government.
  • To protect the interest of the councils of the various Municipal Districts, Counties, Improvement Districts and Specialized Municipalities and the public by insisting on appropriate professional standards for all its members and promoting a high degree of integrity, effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To mutually assist each other in standardizing the work, methods and forms used and in solving questions arising from the administration of the various Acts and statutes now in force, or which may hereafter be enacted.
  • To promote a higher standard of efficiency for all the members of the Association through the endorsement of educational standards and professional development.
  • To obtain recognition of the importance and responsibility of the professional status of Rural Municipal Administrators.